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How to run addon

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to install and use the Elephant add-on for FDM, designed for downloading videos from YouTube and 200+ other popular websites.

How useful is this for you?

“Elephant is the missing piece for Free Download Manager! Downloading videos has never been smoother. The extension is intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use. Two thumbs up!”

Jackson Mitchell Jackson Mitchell

“Absolutely love the Elephant extension for Free Download Manager! It adds a whole new dimension to my downloading experience. No more hassle with video downloads - it's quick and simple. Highly recommended!”

Olivia Reynolds Olivia Reynolds

“Elephant is a must-have extension if you use Free Download Manager. Downloading videos is now so much simpler, and the integration is seamless. Couldn't be happier with the added functionality!”

Ethan Parker Ethan Parker

About Elephant addon

FDM (Free Download Manager) is an excellent tool for efficient downloading of files. With it, you can boost your downloads up to 10 times, manage them and control your traffic usage. However, FDM cannot capture YouTube videos.

To download videos from YouTube and other websites, we recommend using the Elephant add-on built on yt-dlp. This program extension seamlessly integrates with Free Download Manager and provides support for downloading content from various video-hosting platforms, particularly YouTube. With its source code available on GitHub, the Elephant add-on is free and completely safe to use.

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s4sharing 25 days ago

Yeah, Elephant add-on is most definitely my must-have extension for Free Download Manager ㋛
and I make sure to update yt-dlp on a regular basis from GitHub, as Elephant is "based on youtube-dl fork" (and Elephant is also on GitHub) - both are amazing free-of-charge software for Windoze.
awesome work as always, so many thanks meowcateatrat

A Last month

Hello. I have the same issue with youtube videos only allowing quality 360p and audio only options.

A Last month

A, Updating Free Download Manager to version (007883d7) Built: June 11 2024. Fixed the the problem.

Fred Last month

Hi. This addon is useful,thanks! I want to ask how to download Youtube videos in HD. All I get is quality in 360p. Thanks in advance for your help!

Estevan 2 months ago

Software is so good

Estevan 2 months ago

Software is so good

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